daemons. [part 2 of 2]

Maintaining my mental health has always been my biggest fight in life. I don't talk about my struggles with depression much, or at all; instead I find an outlet for expression through creativity. I had seemed to hit a bit of a plateau in my work recently, and was unsure of why I was unhappy with my images. Then it hit me: Emotion. I often get inspiration from my personal emotion, but by the end of the creative process it seems to be void in the results. Why is this. My insecurities as an artist? A fear of being vulnerable? Trying to appeal to a broader audience? Who knows.... But what I do know is that these images are my favourite work to date. Not because they are the most technical or the most beautiful, but because it conveys exactly how I feel.

Thank you to my model Whitney for helping me execute my vision so perfectly.

*There is no photoshopping involved in these images. Only basic colour correction. Everything you see was done in camera and on location.

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