The Return.

It's been a long time, too long in fact, since I've been able to take photos outside of my work at UNB. Not that I don't love my job... but. It's not always that exciting. Nor do I often have the opportunity to take some nice outdoor portraits.

Whitney was kind enough to let me use her as a test subject, I felt I needed to shake some dust off my camera before some upcoming freelance work. With the help of our friend Bobby, who so kindly helped with the lights, we took these beautiful shots down on the riverbank in the afternoon sun. Using the sun as a hair light, I only had to punch some light in on her face using an octobox - which is as close to shooting "natural light" as i'm ever going to get.

I think I will also post before and afters of this editing process... because no, they don't just happen to look like this when you shoot directly into the sun,

Lance BlakneyComment