The Process.

Editing is one of my favorite parts of the creative process… 

I love taking the awesome picture shot on location, and then experimenting and finding what you can do to it to make it even better. I usually try not to alter my images too much. However, some shoots call for more editing that others. Color grading is essential for making the final image pop, and that is basically all I did for the photos in this post. But you can see, even basic editing makes a world of difference (at least to the way I see them).

I use a mix of lightroom (for basic correction) and photoshop (for more intensive alterations). If I have the option, I never shoot with only natural light. Even these images, shot at an incredibly bright point of the day, still had an octabox and hair light on the model at all times. In my opinion, it makes the editing process so much easier, because I have already gotten the image as close as possible in camera, so there is basically nothing left to change after the fact.

I don't have one formula to follow for creating a final image… I just keep trying until it matches what I first envisioned in my head.

Lance BlakneyComment