stranger company (a short film).

Our submission to the Fredericton 48hr. Film Festival was a success... Stay tuned for screening news in upcoming festivals.

Director: Gordon Mihan

Story by: Lance Blakney, Nic Cliche, Alexa Higgins, Jesse LaPointe, Daniel MacDonald, Arianna Martinez, Gordon Mihan, Thomas Wilson

Written by: Alexa Higgins, Jesse LaPointe, Arianna Martinez and Gordon Mihan

Actors: Alexa Higgins, Jesse Lapointe, Arianna Martinez With Thomas Wilson

Director of Photography: Lance Blakney

Gaffer: Lance Blakney

Sound Recording / Boom Mic Operator: Nic Cliche

Editor: Lance Blakney

Original Score: Daniel MacDonald

Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

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