au naturel.

Some of you may recognize Alexandra from a former photo set which you can see HERE. The above image, the first shot from a recent session, was meant to serve only as a focus test. I hadn't even set up my lighting yet. I never planned on it seeing the light of day. Once I saw it on my computer, however, I fell in love with it and needed to share it. So here it is, unretouched, au naturel. I feel it is so emotional, a real moment - which contrasted the rest of the beauty shoot which was meant to capture only her lips/chin and shoulders (which explains the lipstick but bare eyes). This is certainly one of my favourite images I've taken recently, especially when juxtaposed with the clean and crisp beauty images that followed - which I will hopefully be able to share in the near future.

Model: Alexandra Van Rijn / MUA: Billy Peterson

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